Why should the logo be simple?

A logo is a graphic image that personifies and represents a brand. It can be compared with a person’s signature and even called the “face of the company”, but the concept of a logo is much broader than we are used to perceive it. You can create a quick and memorable logo using the Turbologo online service , which provides a wide range of options for creating a brand name.

Any self-respecting company must have a logo to be recognized in the market for the services it provides. This is a kind of coat of arms used in the Middle Ages among feudal families. We will talk in more detail about why it is so necessary and how it should be discussed below.

What is a logo
A logo is a graphic image that personifies and represents a brand. Different experts evaluate the functions and tasks of logo development in different ways.

In this regard, a brand logo can be compared to a person’s signature, which has the same functions.

Identification implies that a connection is formed between the logo and the brand it represents, and people, seeing the logo, immediately associate it with this brand.

Authentication (that is, authentication) means that people, when they see a brand logo, understand that this is exactly the brand they think about. Not every logo embodies quality and trust on the part of the buyer. The logos of some companies and even some people cause concern. However, if there is no sign on the box of the product showing that it belongs to the brand, this is a rather alarming sign.

When deciding whether a logo is needed specifically for your company, you must answer yourself 2 questions:

Do I want my company to be remembered?
Do I want to stand out from the competition?
If the answer to both questions is “yes”, then welcome to the development of the logo, I am always happy to help with this and offer solutions that will work for your business.

Why the logo should be simple
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In most cases, it is the simple option that is optimal for the company. The fact is that a simple logo design has two important advantages:

It is easily read by various devices, which means that the information is obtained by the user in a more accurate volume;
A simple logo is easier to apply to products and other objects than a complex structure.
Even in cases where an organization has a complex logo format, it is imperative to develop a simpler form for some cases.

It is highly desirable that the final version should have fewer colors, since the color variety makes it very difficult to perceive the information hidden in the logo.

In addition, the more colors in the logo, the more difficult it is to bring it to a monochrome (one-color) look, and this type of logo is required for making seals, engraving, and burning.

Additional requirements for the design of the logo should also be noted:

Have a hidden meaning – so it attracts more attention;
It is desirable to look good on any surfaces, coatings and objects;
Relevant to the business area to which the company belongs;
Memorability is one of the main requirements for the logo of the organization;
The development should not take a lot of money;
Uniqueness is a very important condition that will allow you to avoid difficulties in the future activities of the company.
By following these additional rules, you can create a logo that is popular and expresses the main idea of the company.

A modern logo is not about how it looks, it’s about how and where it is used. It can be both an “illustration”, and a “photo” and even “some kind of doodles”. The main thing is that he was in place and on time.

Modern technologies allow logos to be anything, even animated and really 3D (and not just pseudo -3D ). And here, of course, I’m talking about the main versions of the logo. There will always be abbreviated versions, versions with simplified color schemes, and simply simplified logos for very small sizes.