Save Money With A Used Surf Board

Some even prepare their summer/winter outfits and accessories months in advance!

It isn’t just the outfits that people are preparing before summer/winter. They are also preparing equipment that are used in popular activities in those seasons, such as snowboarding and surfing.

If you are a woman that’s a fan of either surfing or snowboarding, then you’d be delighted reading about the different great surf and snowboard products for women.

The Boards

The first thing one should prepare when considering to surf or snowboard, are the boards themselves. If you’re just beginning to get into these sports, we advise you not to buy boards first. You’d be better off trying out board and equipment rentals first, just to get a feel for the summer/winter sport, then just buying after you get the hang of it.

Of course, if you really want to have your own board right away, there’s no harm in that. However, new boards can be pretty pricey. If you want to save a little bit more money when purchasing boards, there is always the option of buying a used surf board or a used snowboard. There is absolutely no shame in having a used surf board or snowboard. A lot of boarders actually started buying one too. Your main priority should be about learning the basics before you buy your own board and move on to the more complicated tricks.

The Clothes

Snowboarding and surfing clothing vary a lot. Let’s first take a look on what women could wear when riding the big ocean waves.

These days, more and more women are enjoying surfing. Most women surfers are pretty chill with their clothing. These are what most women surfers today wear:

Bikini/Two-piece swimsuit – The water is warm and refreshing, when going out to surf. You can absolutely go with just a bikini when riding out the waves.
One-piece swimsuit – Having a one-piece swimsuit helps you to avoid board rash from repeated contact of your body and the board.
Swimsuit and shirt – If you prefer it, you can opt to just wear shirts when you’re surfing. The added cover to your body also helps avoid rash and chaffing.

Outfit options for snowboarding are quite limited since the cold weather conditions only really need you to wear thick, warm clothes. That being said, you can still sport different clothing designs on your board trip downhill.
Jackets – The first go-to clothing in the cold season is the jacket. Even jackets alone could have a whole article of its own simply because of the different jacket variations available in the market. High-quality jackets like the Patagonia women jacket helps keep the cold out while you enjoy a hike or ski lift up your favorite slope. A lot of jackets bind style and functionality together, just like the Patagonia women jacket.
Parkas – Some types of parkas can be used for snowboarding. Just pick one that doesn’t hinder your movements.
Ski jackets – Like we said, jackets have a lot of variations. Ski jackets are one of them. These jackets are more suited for outdoor activities though.