How To Find A Snowboard Rental Near Me

Buying a snowboard is a pretty heavy investment. For someone that is new to the sport, the risk of that investment increases threefold.

If you’re someone that is just new to snowboarding and is about to get a rental snowboard, the following tips would help you pick the right one.

Goofy footed or regular footed?

There are two types of stances in snowboarding: goofy and regular. The goofy stance is for people that put their right foot forward when riding boards, while the regular is for the people that put their left foot forward. Determining whether you are goofy or regular-footed is important to help the rental technicians adjust the bindings of your board.

Goofy-foot calibrated bindings have your back foot adjusted more towards the tail, and the forward foot is put closer to the center of the board. Regular-foot bindings are the other way around.

Is it waxed?

A waxed board allows for a better glide over snow. When renting a snowboard, double check if the bottom part if waxed or not. Look for dry spots or large gashes. Check the edges of the board especially since they are the parts of the board that takes most of the beating. A decent snowboard rental near me should be pretty good in keeping their board waxed. However, you can’t be too complacent. If the board looks, dry tell the rental shop to get you a different board.

Adjusting the highback

Your highback is what you lean against to make turns or stops. Your highback needs to be adjusted as far back forward that they can be, which is about 6 degrees. Doing do puts your calf muscle as close to the highback as possible. The closer it is to the highback, the more responsive your board would be to stops or turns.

Binding strap size

Your boots should be properly fit to your bindings. Be sure to keep that in mind first before leaving the rental shop. Talk with the rental technicians to properly fit your boots to the board bindings.

Toe Drag

While strap size is important to keep your foot on the board, your bindings should also be the right size to your foot. When your binding size and foot don’t match you could be prone to toe drag when you make turns. This hampers proper learning for newbie snowboarders.

Find the right snowboard size

When picking a rental snowboard, it should be the right size for you. Longer boards have more speed control with less maneuverability, while shorter boards turn more quickly but would have a harder speed control. Choose a board that nails the balance between the two.

Rental technicians are really helpful

Don’t take rental technicians for granted. They are there to help boarders, especially beginners have a great time in the slopes. If you have questions, be sure to ask them. And tell them if you want to have anything adjusted. Remember, rental technicians are really helpful.